world Parliament University (WPU)

Origin and Accomplishments


The Graduate School of World Problems was begun in 1982 by an act of the Provisional World Parliament. Continuing its work, the Institute on World Problems was founded in 2003 to provide the initial activation of the Institute On Governmental Procedures and World Problems identified in Article 8, Section D of the Constitution of the Federation of Earth.

The Institute has the educational mission of studying world problems in relation to good government, of promoting sustainable development around the world, of promoting Esperanto as a universal language and English as a second language, and of promoting democratic world law and nonviolent procedures of conflict resolution everywhere on the Earth.

Currently WPU is a non-accredited body, Efforts are on to get accredited in all national jurisdictions.

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 We offer certificates, develop on-line courses and train future leaders within the Earth Federation Movement. We have held seminars in many countries around the world.

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Regional Presidents of WPU in india


Prof. CMA P N Murthy



World Parliament University, Bangalore

Chief Executive Officer,

Koushal Vikas Foundation (R)

School for Skill Development, 


Fellow, Institute of Cost Accountants of India

Fellow, Insurance Institute of India

Fellow, Life Office Management Association, USA

Associate, Chartered  Insurance Institute, UK

Associate, Reinsurance Administration, USA

Associate, Institution of Valuers, India

Accredited Management Teacher (AIMA), India

Member, Board of Studies, Bangalore North University  2018-19

Recipient of Global Peace Leadership Award of WCPA, 2018


Prof.Deepak Kumar Baruah


World Parliament University, Guwahati

Founder & Hon.Director

Center of Innovation in Governance and Public  Administration

Guwahati 781022 (India)

Vice Chancellors International P.G. Scholar,

University of  Brighton, UK

Recipient of Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam  Sadbhavana Award, 2016

Former Member, Juvenile Justice Board,

Government of Assam 

Centers of Excellence

COE for Earth Constitution


This Center encourages the study of constitutions of  different nations of the world and helps in  identifying the gaps in the Earth Constitution and encourages adoption by nations.

COE for Global Jurisprudence


This Center encourages study of Laws and Statutes of the world by practitioners and students of law.

COE for International Studies


This Center encourages study of economic, social, political scenarios of different parts of the world.

COE for Human Rights


This center facilitates the study of human rights issues in different parts of the world and create awareness for improvement in the situation.

COE for Global Peace


This Center encourages study of  ground realities and possible options of peace and facilitates implementation of peace process between nations.

COE for Global Solutions


This Center encourages the study of world problems and helps in identification of various options to mitigate the problems and its implementation through global exchange of ideas.

COE For Global Environment


This Center encourages the study of various environmental issues and strives to create awareness for its betterment

COE for Linguistic Studies


This center encourages the study of various languages of the world, and helps to build bond between nations.

COE for Cultural Studies


This Center encourages study of various cultural factors of the world to bridge the understanding between the people of the world.

COE for Global Agriculture


This Center encourages study of agricultural issues of the world, and  helps in finding solution to the ever-increasing food problem.

COE for Global Education


This Center encourages study of educational policies of different nations and helps in identifying  the need and  in building a global education Policy.

COE for Global Healthcare


This Center encourages the study of Healthcare situation in different parts of the world and works in finding solutions to implement a global healthcare initiative.

COE for Public Governance


The Center encourages participation by the elected public representatives in learning issues related to governance, budgeting, grievance redressal, talent development.

COE for Global Technology


This Center explores opportunities for developing global technologies, which can be shared with the rest of the world for betterment of humanity.

COE for Global Finance.


This center studies and develops financial strategies for different parts of the world and how they can be integrated at a global level for mutual progress.




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