WCPA INDIA Membership is free. Membership is open to all Indians. However  before applying prospective  members shall abide by the following conditions 

1.Shall  agree with the vision and principles of WCPA and shall have  allegiance to Indian constitution.  For details please see Vision Page of this website.

2. Shall  have an intention  to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood  as enunciated  by the constitution.

3. Membership is by application and is subject to the approval of  the membership committee.

4. Honorary membership is offered to eminent individuals, on recommendation of  distinguished advisors  of WCPA

5. Information of ID Documents is  for  establishing the identity only and shall not be shared with any third party ,except ing law enforcement  agencies. if and when requested.

5.Applicant should affirm that he is willingly applying for membership after understanding the above conditions

6. WCPA governing council reserves the right to take the name(s) of member(s), out of membership register  for violation of the  Membership Conditions.

WCPA India On-Line Membership Form

Please read above conditions before signup. Please provide the details of any ID which can establish your identity. Provide complete information. Incomplete information may result in rejection.

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All those members and patrons interested in making Donations/contributions can send their remittances to our Delhi office through crossed cheques or Bank Drafts. Cash will not be accepted.


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Membership/ Profile Updation form

Please  send the filled form to our office address or  email it  to 

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