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 "world is One Family"  (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) is the inhouse Journal of WCPA to showcase the plans, activities, initiatives undertaken by the team members in pursuit of the Vision. First Edition is planned for January 2019, Cover page is below.Whole Journal coming in January 2019..Please subscribe .

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Dr.Glen T Martin


Professor of Philosophy at Radford University GA USA, a great friend of India, has been working ceaselessly working as a great force behind the emergence of WCPA-India Chapter, spending most part of his personal time in the service of humanity by writing, speaking to people to sensitize them, aiming to make "World is One Family". Some of his writings have been reproduced with permission and shared below. 

Terence P. Amerasinghe


 Former Co-President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) 

Dr.Eugenia Almand, J.D


Secretary-General, WCPA

Prof.E P Menon,


Educationist, Gandhian and a political thinker, has been advocating for de-nuclearising the world, has been associated with WCPA for many decades.  Some of his works are reproduced with permission, below:  

Prof.Richard Sharp


Professor,WCPA Patron, currently at Shanti Niketan has been a regular contributor to our publications. 

Dr.Klaus Schlichtmann


Professor, Indologist,Peace Activist,Writer and Faculty Member

Nihon, University, Tokyo, Japan

Published titles from WCPA Team

One world Renaissance


 One World Renaissance. Holistic Planetary Transformation through a Global Social Contract. Glen T. Martin, Appomattox, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, October 2015, 418 pages. This book makes the case that the way forward for our misgoverned world is to get in step with universal evolution, which always gives birth to greater and more inclusive wholes. In its most practical sense, this requires that we adopt a planetary social contract based on an awareness of the oneness of humanity—its unity-in-diversity. Such a global agreement would guarantee justice under law, ecological sustainability, and fundamental human harmony, the very presuppositions of civilized living. Ultimately, expressing our wholeness requires that we adopt a world constitution for a democratic federation of earth, the very embodiment of a practical utopia. 

Ascent to Freedom


 Ascent to Freedom: The Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, January 2008 (500 pages). This book lays out both the practical and conceptual foundations for a transformed world order – responding directly to our multiple global crises through the holistic approach of bringing genuinely democratic world law to the Earth. It develops a philosophical framework for democratic world law by drawing on the scientific revolutions of the twentieth century, the history of democratic thought, and contemporary discussions of human rights. It traces the history of the philosophy of law from ancient times to the present, showing the progressive development of democratic thought that culminates in the imperative for global democracy. It concludes by developing the parameters of a conversion to democratic world law for protecting the environment and human rights as well as creating a transformed world system of peace and prosperity for everyone on Earth.  

The Anatomy of a Sustainable World


 The Anatomy of a Sustainable World. Our Choice between Climate Change and System Change: And How You Can Make a Difference. Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, September 2013. This book examines the roots and the deadly consequences of our current unsustainable civilization as manifested in its war-system, nation-state system, and global economic system. It also illuminates the concrete steps that we can take to transform civilization to sustainable principles. It presents the specific political and economic steps we can take to make sustainability a reality. Includes the Earth Constitution as an appendix 

Millenium Dawn


 Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, April 2005 (430 pages). This book synthesizes a transformative social-political-economic philosophy with a philosophy of human spiritual and intellectual maturity and develops practical suggestions for realizing a transformed world order in terms of the ethical, spiritual, and eschatological dimensions demanding such transformation. It advocates a transformative modality of critical theory, compassion, and nonviolence and offers an interpretation of human spirituality that unites the core values of the various religious traditions from around the world. 



 Triumph of Civilization – Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, January 2010 (406 pages). This book examines the concept of democracy and the related concept of nonviolence in the light of the global crises we face at the dawn of the 21st century. It develops a deeper understanding of democracy that is inherently nonviolent and fundamentally holistic. It argues that the way out of our current set of interdependent crises and systemic violence is to establish an Earth Federation through actualizing, under a world constitution, the three most fundamental features of authentic democracy: positive freedom, reasonable economic equality, and a global community premised on the many “human universals” that we all share, as well as the common good of the Earth and future generations. 

Global Democracy and Human Self-transcedence


 This volume examines the dynamics of self-transcendence for both individuals and humanity as a whole. In doing so, it illuminates the definitive relationship between self-transcendence and global democracy 

World Revolution


 World Revolution Through World Law – Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation, edited, with an Introduction and Other Writings by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, November 2005 (278 pages). This book includes the most fundamental documents of the emerging earth federation such as the Declaration of the Rights of Peoples, the Manifesto of the Earth Federation, and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It also  7 includes an introduction, a commentary on the Earth Constitution, and several other essays by Glen T. Martin

Earth Federation movement


 The Earth Federation Movement: Founding a Social Contract for the People of Earth. History, Vision, Documents by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, May 2011 (252 pages). This book lays out the foundations of the Earth Federation Movement in terms of its history and its philosophical grounding that includes sections on “ethical holism,” “democratic holism,” and “political holism.” It includes eleven documents from the movement that illustrate these principles and several appendices with supplementary information 

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 From Nietzsche to Wittgenstein - The Problem of Truth and Nihilism in the Modern World by Glen T. Martin, New York: Peter Lang Publisher, 1989 (401 pages). This book offers comprehensive interpretations of both Nietzsche and Wittgenstein and draws on the mystical traditions (especially Buddhist thought in relation to Wittgenstein) to address the problem of truth and value in the modern world. It attempts to show that the Wittgensteinian project of seeing clearly the limits of language can serve as a compelling answer to Nietzsche’s diagnosis that we are facing crisis of nihilism (values) in the modern world. 

Una Constitución para la Federación de la Tierra y El Manifiesto de la Federación de la Tierra


 Una Constitución para la Federación de la Tierra y El Manifiesto de la Federación de la Tierra by Glen T. Martin, various translators. My 2003 work, The Manifesto of the Earth Federation, has been translated into Spanish by Dr. Eugenia Almand, edited by Dr. Rita Martin, and published in a separate volume with a Spanish translation ofthe Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, September 2011 (156 pages). 

Emerging world Law


 Emerging World Law -- Key Documents and Decisions of the Global Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament, Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin, eds., Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, spring 2009 (437 pages). This book exhibits international law maturing into world law through world constitutional and parliamentary processes. Self-governing democratic processes emerge globally under the direction of world citizens who take initiative, insisting on human dignity, individual accountability, and peaceful world relations. The volume presents the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as well as the memorials, resolutions, and legislative summaries of the Provisional World Parliament during its first ten sessions, 1982 to 2007. Dr. Terence Amerasinghe recounts the 50 year history of the World Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament. Dr. Almand clarifies interpretations of the democratic and non-military Constitution, showing why no amendments are needed before the nations and people of Earth ratify the Constitution. Dr. Martin analyses the problem of origins and legitimacy of emerging world law, showing the difficulties and dynamics of transforming presently outmoded international institutions in the direction of a genuine global democracy.