Welcome to Guwahati Chapter

Ms Benzir Rfan


 MS BENZIR RFAN , President of Aasha  (A Hope) Foundation &Social Welfare Society Joined WCPA Guwahati  Chapter on 25th July 2019.


Founder Team

Chapter Activities

North East States of India are  an important part of the country. It has beautiful scenic places, hill stations etc. Much of development is yet to take place. Though people are literate, technological innovation is  still to make entry.

The Guwahati chapter is headed by  Sri. Deepak Kumar Baruah, an educationist, social activitist and tech-savvy professional

Members of Guwahati Chapter  in the above picture with Sri Deepak Kumar Baruah (in the centre with Blue Shirt),Juri Goswami, Deizi Baruah,Chandan baruah, Teibor Khongjee, Ankur Das, Jayanti Bharali Saikia, Kalyani Deka, Gitimala Goswami, Elin Sarma Bordolai,Rima Dutta Baishya, Niraja Dutta, Taposri Nabis, Nilakhi Kakati

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Chapter Events

Every Sunday

Building World Parliament

7pm - 10pm

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Every Sunday

Building World Parliament

We invite all those interested to participate in discussion on building platform for global governance under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.


Admission by Prior Appointment only

Whatsapp no: 99549 09564


7pm - 10pm