Earth Federation Institute



* Study of various problems affecting globe.

* Promoting in-depth, holistic solutions for the entire range of our planetary crises.

*Building leadership skills for the Earth Federation.


Earlier Institute on World Problems (IOWP) is now changed as EARTH FEDERATION INSTITUTE.  It is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization registered in the USA. IOWP includes a group of scholars, researchers, and students worldover who examine global problems deeply with a view to their inter-relatedness and inter-connectedness. Aim is to address the problems not in an ad-hoc crisis-by-crises manner but by looking at the systematic causes and consequences of present day institutions. IOWP encourages indepth study and promote integrated and lasting solutions to the deepest problems facing humanity in the early 21st century. 

EFI(earlierIOWP) and India

The EFI ( IOWP) is an organization of dedicated and loving researchers who want to open up a future for the children of the world and establish the possibility of a decent world system for all the citizens of the Earth. We work with like-minded organizations such as the City Montessori School (CMS) of Lucknow, India and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) that sponsors the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and sessions of the Provisional World Parliament


EFI( IOWP) research is behind a number of the quality legislative acts and resolutions passed to date in sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. 

Together these legislative acts and resolutions articulate the vision of an integrated and coherent world system that establishes a decent future for the world’s two billion children. We support the elaboration of an integrated world system designed to address global crises and world problems under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. 

EFI (IOWP) Projects

 IOWP has a number of projects that cooperate with the WCPA that include research and education directed toward solving world problems. The Institute is interested is sponsoring sustainable projects in developing countries, especially South Asia, Africa, and South America. For example, we are developing permaculture projects in Togo, West Africa. Second, we are developing the Collegium of World Judges by helping retired judges envision and articulate the foundations for a world under the auspices of enforceable democratically legislated world law. Third, we support the educational and research functions of the Provisional World Parliament. Fourth, we promote education worldwide concerning global issues and our options with regard to dealing with those issues. 

Board of Trustees:


  • Eugenia Alamand, J.D. (Executive Director), USA
  • Dominique Balouki, Togo
  • Jagdish Gandhi, India
  • Dauji Gupta, India
  • Nalin Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka
  • Glen T. Martin, Ph.D. (President), USA
  • Alwyn Moss, USA
  • JW Smith, USA
  • Phyllis Turk, CNM Treasurer, USA

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